Contract Services

Australasian Specialty Coatings is a full service provider for all the solutions we offer. Our skills and equipment are also available on contract as required.

We also offer regular programmed maintenance services to extend coating lifetimes and keep on top of wear and tear.

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Remedial Services

Remedial services are called for when areas have been damaged beyond the surface coating. Australasian Specialty Coatings offers a range of services that can rectify a degraded area.

On a recent project we were asked to remediate a large waste pit that had been damaged through harsh wear and the day to day process of our client’s operations.

The pit in question had concrete walls and floor that had been eroded through various acids and wear. We thoroughly cleaned the surface to neutralise any remaining chemical agents and mechanically removed the contaminated concrete. The remaining concrete was then garnet blasted. The steel tracks on the floor were repaired and recoated and the worn concrete walls and floor were rebuilt with high-strength grouting. Once this had cured we installed a four-part epoxy trowel coating and sealed it with a chemically resistant novolac.

The project was completed out of hours with fast-curing materials and the whole operation had negligible impact on the plant’s regular operations.

Painting Services

Australasian Specialty Coatings undertakes many painting and continuous maintenance projects. Whether a detailed protective coating project or on-going painting maintenance, there are many considerations when choosing the correct coating for a project. These include design life, cost, appearance, exposure, and environmental factors.

A recent project had our team of painters undertaking a detailed factory upgrade in sensitive food-grade conditions. This called for special equipment to ensure no airborne dust was present whilst surface preparation was underway.

On another recent job a client required a specialised anti-bacterial paint to ensure no mould could take hold. Australasian Specialty Coatings sourced the product and installed it to the specification leaving a very happy client with a great looking mould-free surface despite the damp conditions.

Our team of trained installers are able to ensure that our clients’ assets are protected from the elements and day-to-day use as well as providing a prompt and professional service.

Preparation Services

Australasian Specialty Coatings has a large range of preparation services for both concrete and steel.

For concrete we have industrial planetary grinders, satellite grinders, scarifiers, shot blasters, concrete planers and profilers and an array of hand-held cutting and jackhammering equipment. These are partnered with industrial vacuums to suit every sized job.

Our steel preparation capabilities includes dry abrasive blasting, wet and vapour abrasive blasting set-ups, high-pressure water cleaning, compressors, bristle blasters and various hand-held machinery.

We also carry a large range of testing equipment for all coatings applications from wet and dry film thickness gauges, profile testing machinery, temperature and humidity recording machinery, soluble salts testing kits, moisture testing equipment and various other testing equipment specific to each individual job.


Grouts can be used for a range of purposes, from simply and cheaply filling voids to high-strength, shrinkage-compensated structural support.

Cementitious or epoxy grouts are often applied to the base of structures via pump or trowel to enhance the integrity of the structure and provide additional support.

It is imperative that the specified grout is the correct product for the job. There can be catastrophic consequences should the wrong product be installed without the full understanding of the strength and intended purpose.

Finding the correct product to achieve the best outcome is paramount. At Australasian Specialty Coatings we work with our suppliers to bring the very latest in grouting technology to our clients.

Concrete Protection / Repair

All concrete at some stage of its life will require maintenance to ensure structural integrity and prolong the life of the asset.

At Australasian Specialty Coatings we work with our clients to provide a complete service from initial diagnosis to final handover of the completed works and ongoing monitoring.

Concreting Services

Australasian Specialty Coatings is often called upon to remediate or completely remove and reinstall concrete substrates.

On a recent job the old concrete had been deemed by an engineer to be unsafe and unsound for the vehicular traffic requirements placed upon it on a daily basis. This job was in a particularly sensitive area.Special attention needed to be given to the surrounding environment during removal and replacement.

Australasian Specialty Coatings was contracted to remove the old slab, prepare the substrate and pour the new slab within a tight timeframe and with regard to that sensitive working environment.

The 400sqm was installed on schedule and once full cure had taken place the area was opened up to traffic with minimum disruption to the client and no environmental disturbances.