Corrosion Protection of Steel Drums

A major client installed four 60m steel rotating drums for a bulk material handling process. The steel was manufactured overseas and shipped to Australia for final assembly and installation in 2016.

The manufacturer only applied a basic primer to protect the steel. The site is close to mining and industrial activity which increases the corrosion potential, as well as being completely exposed to wind and weather.

Australasian Specialty Coatings was approached after signs of corrosion started to appear on the steel drums.

Problems to solve included:

  • Accessing the 4m diameter drums between 3m and 7m off the ground
  • Accessing the drums to prepare and coat while the drums continued rotating
  • Environmental restrictions on abrasive blasting
  • Coating works in one of the windiest locations in Australia
  • Eliminating corrosion before coating
  • Limited timeframe for works
  • Works dependent on weather conditions


  • First Australasian Specialty Coatings devised an access plan
  • A polyaspartic, UV stable coating from International Paints was identified
  • Samples were installed and trialled to confirm fit-for-purpose
  • Previous corrosion was eliminated and bare steel primed with a Zinc-rich primer
  • The remaining surface was high-pressure washed
  • Surface then chemical cleaned to obtain a surface fit for bonding
  • High pressure airless spray allowed rapid surface coverage when weather windows allowed
  • Conditions were monitored throughout to ensure suitable coating conditions


The project was delivered:

  • On time
  • On budget
  • To the specification

The client is extremely happy with the results, knowing that a multi-million dollar investment is now protected from the harsh conditions and can keep producing for the planned lifespan and beyond.