Liquid Applied Membrane Waterproofing

A client contracted Australasian Specialty Coatings to take on a waterproofing task: a flat concrete roof with multiple penetrations and features.

Challenges of the work included:

  • Detailing around each penetration, hatch and feature
  • Removing the remains of the old bitumen membrane
  • Keeping a continuous flow of the liquid-applied membrane across a wide roof

Australasian Specialty Coatings used a 30 Tonne crane to lift 2 sets of 3-phase diamond grinders onto the roof. The grinders made short work of the old bitumen and gave us a key for bonding the new membrane to the concrete substrate.

The penetrations were all hand-prepared by our skilled operators and pre-sealed with a polyurethane to ensure integrity.

The liquid-applied polyurethane membrane was then laid in 2 layers for a total thickness of 3mm. A carefully devised plan ensured a continual flow of the polyurethane to work around all the roof features without having to put a seam in the membrane.

The work was completed ahead of schedule, on budget and without incident.

Based on the success of the application and the speed of the project, this client went on to commission several further roofs to be waterproofed with the same system.