Food Factory Flooring

Australasian Specialty Coatings had been providing maintenance works to the floors of a major food producer for years when the client decided to upgrade their entire site to make a new product range.

Based on our track record at the site and competitive pricing, Australasian Specialty Coatings was awarded the task of replacing, upgrading and revamping 6,500m² of floor areas.

The catch was that food production would continue in parts of the site, so the floors could only be accessed a section at a time.

Across the 6,500m² were floor areas used for a wide range of activities and conditions, including:

  • Food Processing
  • Cold Storage
  • Cleaning Chemical Storage
  • CIP Flushouts
  • Raw Material Intake
  • Battery Charging Bays
  • New AGV Areas
  • Washdown Areas

Each area required selection of the right flooring material and surface preparation methods to ensure a lasting solution for chemical resistance, falls to waste, HACCP and hygiene requirements.

The new AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) system installed called for a super flat surface for the robot forklifts to travel over.

The project took a year to complete, working around production areas, shutdowns, demolition and equipment commissioning.

Australasian Specialty Coatings hit every deadline and accommodated every change of plan, ensuring the flooring works never held up the equipment installation.

The factory is now in full production.