A selection of recent Australasian Specialty Coatings projects:

Corrosion Protection

Australasian Specialty Coatings was recently contracted to prepare and coat four multi-million dollar steel barrels.

The 70m long steel drums were already part of a production process, rotating, raised 3m off the ground and corrosion had already set in.

Scaffold access, special surface preparation, anti-corrosion primers and high-pressure spraying of a moving surface made for a unique project.

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Food Factory Flooring

Australasian Specialty Coatings recently completed a major 6,500 sqm upgrade for a major food producer in Sydney using multiple flooring systems.

The food processing site was undergoing a full refit of conveyors and processing equipment – and still continuing a production schedule at the same time.

Challenges included screening off production areas from construction works, odour control, access, and joining areas together without compromising levels or the quality of installation.

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Rooftop Waterproofing

Australasian Specialty Coatings was contracted by an infrastructure client to restore a flat concrete roof to a watertight condition.

The concrete had the remains of a bitumen system that had to be removed as well as multiple details around penetrations and features on the rooftop.

Challenges included access, multiple detailing requirements and achieving a continuous application of the liquid applied membrane.

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Waste Transfer Station Flooring

Waste transfer station tipping shed floors suffer heavy wear and chemical attack. Australasian Specialty Coatings installs a special protective flooring system in these sheds to prevent damage to the structural concrete slab.

Challenges include cleaning and blasting the filthy concrete surface to obtain a bond, working in sections to allow continued operation of the site, and rapid turnaround schedules to ensure minimum disruption to the client.

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Acid Resistant Bund Coating

Australasian Specialty Coatings carried out restoration works on various chemical bunds for a major building supplies manufacturer. The sulphuric acid bund remediation was carried out over a two-week period

The acid had already damaged the existing bund extensively, eating into the concrete leaving a rough, pitted surface that had to be repaired before the special chemical resistant novolac epoxy coating was applied.

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Lining an Anaerobic Digestor

Australasian Specialty Coatings was contracted to line and coat an Anaerobic Digester – a large steel tank system where specially selected bacteria break down organic waste.

The digester needed a special lining to protect the steel structure from contact with the acids, enzymes and other corrosive elements involved in the digestion process.

The high-performance chemical resistant lining required special surface preparation to a high standard, specific film thicknesses and a zinc-rich primer to meet specification.

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Heritage Restoration & Painting

A client contracted Australasian Specialty Coatings to restore and coat several Heritage Listed buildings in a leafy suburb of Northern Sydney.

Various parts of the building structure needed repairs work and the painting work had to be carried out to Heritage guidelines, including specific Heritage colours.

Material selection with colour patching, scaffold access and appropriate restoration techniques were a key part of delivering a job well done.

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