Waste Management

The Waste Management and Recycling Industry can be one of the most aggressive environments for asset degradation. Operating plant and buildings are under constant attack by leachates, combinations of chemicals and abrasive movement of heavy machinery and solid waste.

Australasian Specialty Coatings has installed protective coatings, remediated concrete surfaces and joints, and resurfaced large parts of Waste Management facilities across Australia. We prepare the surface to arrest the corrosion, and apply the right coating to prevent further degradation and extend the life of the facility.

The range of services we provide to the Waste Management Industry includes:

  • Hard-wearing multi-layer surfaces for tipping shed floors
  • Steel tank linings for anaerobic digesters and bioreactors
  • Corrosion prevention coatings for structural steel
  • High impact and abrasion resistant coatings for bulk material handling areas
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