Programmed Maintenance

Australasian Specialty Coatings offers Maintenance Programs for a wide range of protective coatings and industrial floor coatings.

Regular inspections of coatings identifies damage, weak spots, wear and tear and other potential failures before problems start to spread. An early intervention arising from regular inspections can prolong the life of a coating system.

Our team of coatings specialists, including NACE qualified staff, can help with inspecting floors and coatings and identifying the best course of action for repairs.

Programming in regular maintenance of coatings also helps prolong the life of the coating and the asset. After an inspection to assess the scope of works, an Australasian Specialty Coatings team will work in with the client to schedule works.

We are used to working around shutdowns and production schedules, and our experienced staff know the products and methods to deliver a job on time and on budget.

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Programmed Maintenance