Food Processing

Australasian Specialty Coatings has undertaken flooring and coating projects for most of Australia’s major food processors. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in large scale flooring upgrades, coatings for HACCP food grade areas, anti-bacterial coatings for humid conditions and safety flooring.
When choosing a coating for the food manufacturing environment crucial features to consider include:

  • Seamless Wall to Floor Coatings
  • Smart Appearance for GMP and Quality purposes
  • Food Grade Materials
  • Non-Slip Surfaces
  • Wall-to-Floor Coving
  • Acid-Resistant Materials: citric, tartaric, lactic and other acids common to production areas
  • Chemical Resistant Materials: CIP, cleaning and sterilising chemicals
  • Zero-odour, minimal VOC materials
  • Falls to Waste to eliminate liquid pooling
  • Expansion Joint Remediation and Sealing
  • Impact Resistance for barrel areas and drop zones
  • Bunded Washbays
  • Chemical Bunds
  • 5S and Colour Coded Floor Plans
  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Australasian Specialty Coatings provides customers with a list of potential hygiene issues, expected lifespans for materials, and maintenance options. Wherever possible we give our clients different options to suit budget and life-expectancy needs.

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